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Pool Equipment Consultation

Not all pools are created equal.

Most often, pool builders use a cookie-cutter approach regarding their equipment packages. These packages may work for some pools, but for others, they can be very problematic.

Our pool professionals and experienced staff can help to make sure you have the proper sized motor and pump for your pool size and water volume and filter system to ensure debris can’t enter the pool lines. A lot of times these packages are sold on horsepower or aren’t tailored to the volume of water in your pool.  Pool water needs to ‘turn over’ a certain amount per day to ensure the water is cleaned and filtered and maintain properly.  When you don’t have the proper sized motor or pump then you end up running your pump and motor more than you should which leads to higher energy costs as well as premature failure of the parts.  Or you don’t successfully turn over your water enough within a 24-hour period which leads to unbalanced, debris filled water that can turn cloudy, alkaline or even green which can lead to down time on your pool or even damage to the tiles, plaster and system as a whole when scale builds up.

Why Choose Us?

We are an experienced pool service company serving the Sacramento, Roseville and Rocklin areas for many years.  We have many satisfied clients and we are certified in water chemistry.  We know equipment, we know water chemicals and we know pools.

Why not let us listen to your needs, analyze your situation and provide you with options tailor made for you?


Client Testimonial

“I have had Nelson & Nelson Pool Service for over 10 years. I have found that Mitchell Nelson has provided me with excellent care. If I had any questions about my service he responds in a very friendly and professional manner. Over the years he has taken care of any problems with my pool equipment and was able to either repair or replace what was needed. I am very satisfied with the service Nelson & Nelson provides me. Thank You”

Arline Silva