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New & Re-Plastered Pool Start Ups

For brand new pools and re-plastered pools a professional water chemistry start-up is detrimental to the appearance and durability of your pool’s new surface.

A new pool or re-plastering your pool is an expensive investment.  You need to ensure you protect that investment with properly balanced water from the minute it’s added.  You need to protect your freshly plastered surface and prevent calcification and etching when filling the pool with water for the first time and proper water chemistry is essential.

Due to the extreme technicality of this process, it is highly recommended that only highly trained and experienced professionals perform this service.

Why We’re Better

Most pool service companies utilize the standard pool water balance testing which includes, PH, chlorine and alkalinity, however we go a step further and also include Langelier Indexing testing.  This gives us additional information that helps to ensure a better and longer balance of the water.

Why You Can Trust Us

At Nelson & Nelson, we are Water Chemistry certified by IPPSA, Start-Up Technicians certified by The National Plaster counsel and certified Pool & Spa Operators by PFSIE.  We maintain our certifications with continual training. Who better to trust when you fill your new or newly re-plastered pool?  Don’t take our word for it, see some of the great things our client’s say about us on our Testimonial page.

Contact us today about filling your pool in the Sacramento, Roseville and Rocklin areas and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with complete pricing.