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Restoration & Clean Up

Let us restore your pool back to where it should be: Clean and Crystal Clear.

We have the equipment and professional experience to handle and job, be it large or small anywhere in the Sacramento, Roseville or Rocklin areas. Whether you have purchased a property with a neglected pool, been away or over time your pool has lost it’s luster and is in need of a clean up we can help.

Pool Clean Up: Water

We can assist to clean up even the greenest or cloudiest of water.  we are Water Chemistry certified by IPPSA, Start-Up Technicians certified by The National Plaster counsel and certified Pool & Spa Operators by PFSIE.  We maintain our certifications with continual training. Who better to trust to clean up your pool water?

We will inform you of the steps needed and timeline to restore your pool’s water back to the clean and crystal clear water for you to enjoy.

Pool Clean Up: Tiles

Our professional and experienced staff can restore your tiles so they look like new.  And cleaning tiles shouldn’t be left up to just anyone!  Depending the type of tiles used in your pool some can be softer than others.  So determining the hardness of your tiles is important so we can ensure the correct agents and pressure are used to generate the best results but not damage the pool tile or plaster.

Why We’re Better

We have extensive experience in pool maintenance, cleaning and restoration.  We are certified and trained by respected organizations with in our industry and we utilize tools most of our competitors don’t.

Most pool service companies utilize the standard pool water balance testing which includes, PH, chlorine and alkalinity, however we go a step further and also include Langelier Indexing testing.  This gives us additional information that helps to ensure a better and longer balance of the water.

Contact us today about restoring and cleaning your pool in the Sacramento, Roseville and Rocklin areas and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with complete pricing.