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Below you will read but a few of the testimonials we have received in the last few years.

At Nelson & Nelson customer service is a priority and not just an empty promise. Each customer is precious to us and their happiness is paramount in our mind.

We would like to thank the families below for their kind endorsement. From our family to yours: Thank you very much!

Arline Silva  

I have had Nelson & Nelson Pool Service for over 10 years. I have found that Mitchell Nelson has provided me with excellent care. If I had any questions about my service he responds in a very friendly and professional manner. Over the years he has taken care of any problems with my pool equipment and was able to either repair or replace what was needed. I am very satisfied with the service Nelson & Nelson provides me. Thank You

Peterburs Family

Thanks to Mitchell at Nelson & Nelson Pool Service our pool went from green slim to beautiful silky smooth water. We have an above ground partially sunk in 18×24 pool and all through the summer we battled with the chemicals trying to balance it ourselves. I finally found Mitchell and he did not hesitate to help. The difference in the water was so noticeable my kids even mentioned it to me. Nelson & Nelson are life savers for us. Thank you again.

Jo Ann Gasquoine 

I have had a pool for years but I had never realized how nice the water could feel until I started using Nelson & Nelson Pool Service. Now it feels like swimming silk.

The Copelands 

We highly recommend Nelson & Nelson Pool Care! They have been extremely professional and reliable. We had our old equipment updated and replaced with a more efficient system. Their prices were competitive and we found them to be the most prepared to give a quote and the most informative. Our pool is absolutely beautiful thanks to Nelson & Nelson.

Tom, Tawny and Livee, Rocklin CA  

We are from the South and being kind and polite is top on our list. We couldn’t ask for a nicer person or more honest company.
We are so pleased with the services we have received from Nelson and Nelson Pool Care. When we moved into our house, the pool had been let go and we were so very worried that we were going to have to drain and resurface the bottom. However, after having Mitchell come and take a look he assured us that with proper cleaning, chemicals, and water conditioning that our pool would be ready to swim in by summer and Mitchell was right!

We have 3 dogs and they have been using the pool as their 20,000 gallon water bowl. The chemicals that Mitchell uses are great. We never notice a “chlorine” smell. After 2 years, and many gallons of water lapped up, our dogs still prefer the pool even over drinking the water in their bowls. Our daughter plays water polo and is in and out of pools constantly and she wishes Mr. Nelson would clean all the pools she swims in as sometimes the other pool water is so strong it burns her eyes and the water feels so different. No problem with burning eyes in our pool 🙂

Aside from all of this, our biggest compliment that we can offer Mitchell is his hospitality. We are from the South and being kind and polite is top on our list. We couldn’t ask for a nicer person or more honest company. Much thanks to Nelson and Nelson Pool Care. We’ve enjoyed getting to know you and really enjoy the pool.

John Hunepohl, Antelope CA 

There is an old adage; “You get what you pay for.”

Dear Mitchell,

I want to take a moment and commend you on your service. Since we switched to your service a year ago, we have not had one incident of the pool being under serviced. It is nice to know that anytime we plan a gathering, I never have to worry about the pool condition.

I know that you will have everything ready and in working order. This was quite apparent as you can see from this July 4th party where the pool was the center of attention for over 20 kids and a few adults.

The time you have invested in education and knowledge regarding proper use and balance of chemicals is a big reason the pool could be used for over 16 hours without any deterioration of the water quality.

There is an old adage; “You get what you pay for.” Again, thank you for doing such a great job at keeping the pool in proper working condition and usable at any and all times.

Jay and Patti Shaffer 

Today we are over sixteen years past the time we started with Nelson and Nelson. We have found Mitch to be wonderful at his job.

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

My wife and I moved to Roseville in September of 1987 into a house with a pool. We had no experience with taking care of a pool so we hired a pool service on a friends recommendation.

After about nine months of not knowing when he was going to show up, day or time of day , sometimes not for a couple of weeks. We decided maybe we should try to maintain the pool ourselves. Within about four months one day my wife called me at work saying the pool had turned green when she added chemicals. Well I decided to try another pool service.

On a second friends recommendation I tried a second pool service. Unfortunately it was more of the same not knowing if or when he was going to show-up. We were back to square one so I found a pool service in the phone book and called him. He showed up and made all kind of comments on how he was going to service our pool and things when well for about eight or nine months. Then he turn our pool over to an employee where we were back to not knowing when or if they were going to come. With two outside dogs this was a problem because they hated the service person. Then in about 1992 we tried Mitch Nelson of Nelson and Nelson pool service. I think we were one of his first ten customers. What a difference!! The dogs would let Mitch in to service the pool, he was always at our house within ten to twenty minutes of our scheduled time on the day he said he would service the pool.

Today we are over sixteen years past the time we started with Nelson and Nelson. We have found Mitch to be wonderful at his job. He is honest, reliable, dependable, on time and has only missed our service during the few vacations he has had which he informed us of in advance of taking them. Mitch has made us aware of preventive things we could do as well as helped us select the right equipment at the right price when needed.

So Nelson and Nelson pool service has not only the endorsement of all our family dogs but the complete endorsement of both my wife and I.