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We repair most pumps, filters, Automatic Control Systems, motors, heaters, and pool cleaners. 

We install only the most top quality equipment at an affordable price.  We will evaluate your pools needs and advise you as to the best options available so you will save time and money.  With the right equipment installed you can enjoy a much cleaner pool.

We install all of the following equipment:


There are basically three types of filtering media for filtering pool water-Cartridge filters, Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) filters and Sand filters.  All three operate on the same idea of forcing pool water through some sort of media to remove very small particles from the water.  Pool filters come in many different sizes to fit the needs of your particular system.  Having the correct filtration system for your pool, will prolong the life of your pump, save you money on energy, facilitate cleaner clearer water and save you time by simplifying maintenance.  An undersized filter will cost you more money in energy due to restricted water flow and longer run times for your pump.  Undersized filters also require more frequent cleanings and must have their cartridges replaced more often.  Choosing the correct filter for your specific application can be tricky, let us help you determine which one would be the best fit for you.


Pool water pumps are the heart of your pools circulation system.  Without them a pool would be very difficult to keep clean.  The part that makes the pump work is the motor.  A motor’s speed is measured by the Revolutions per Minute (RPM’s) that it spins.  There are three different motors available on modern pool pumps-Variable speed, 2 Speed and Single speed.  There are new laws in California (Title 24) regarding energy consumption.  These laws dictate which pump you can legally install.  Often, your choices may be limited to either a Variable speed or a 2 speed pump for energy efficiency purposes.  When a Variable speed or 2 speed pump is properly installed, your energy savings can be significant.

Variable Speed Pumps:

These pumps have a motor on them which has a very wide range of speed adjustability. Adjustable speeds translate into less energy consumed when the pump is running at much slower RPM’s.  There are several factors to consider when installing one of these pumps, such as which utility company you have, available rebates and your pools particular needs.  Every pool has its own dynamic needs and often we see other companies do a disservice to their customers by using a cookie-cutter approach in their installation and use of these pumps.  If these pumps are installed incorrectly, you will not receive the maximum benefits that they have to offer.

2 Speed Pumps:

Like variable speed pumps, these pumps have a motor on them which can save you money by having a low speed and a high speed.  The slow speed gives you slower RPM’s which means less energy usage.

Single Speed Pumps:

Tried and true, these pumps have a motor on them which runs at the same RPM’s continually.  They are not as energy efficient as variable speed or 2 speed pumps, but they can be a good option when price is a determining factor.


When the time comes to replace your existing pool water heater, we can assess your needs and advise you on what would best fit your situation so you can make an informed decision on which heater is right for you.

Automatic Control Systems:

Automatic control systems use special control panels and motors called actuators to change pool water valve setting and turn on and of pump motors.  Properly installed, they can greatly simplify your life.  By touching a button you could change the water circulation in your pool or spa, heat your spa, turn on or off a fountain etc.  Some control systems are very user friendly and some are very difficult to use.   Unfortunately, pool builders often receive big incentives to install certain cookie-cutter packages which leave the pool owner at the mercy of the company that installed it.  We use a different approach. We know that in most cases, the most advanced and high tech equipment may not suit you needs.  Let us help you decide what system would best suit your needs.

Pool Cleaners:

These days there are many types of pool cleaners.  There are pool robots, suction cleaners and pressure cleaners just to name a few.  Since every pool is unique and the landscaping around it is unique as well, it is very important to let a professional guide you in determining which cleaner would  clean you pool the best, require the least amount of maintenance and save electricity.  By selecting the right cleaner, you could possibly save hundreds of dollars a year.

Spa Repairs:

Having spa troubles?  Nelson & Nelson offers above ground spa repair.  Next time you have plumbing or electrical problems with your above ground spa, give us a call, we can help.

Having Nelson & Nelson as your pool service, you will not only receive exceptional service but excellent prices for your pool needs. Call for details! 916-402-7665