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Signs You May Have a Pool Problem

banner-pool-repairYou go out to your pool and notice the water level is low. It could be that the neighborhood kids that were splashing around in it the other day displaced some of the water, but if you notice that the level keeps going down, even when you have refilled it, it may signal a leak somewhere in your system.

Yes, there is evaporation and yes, there is pool use itself, but if you are constantly replacing 2” of water each week more than likely there is a leak. If you just ignore it and keep putting fresh water in to replace what is lost, you end up diluting the chemical makeup of the water and you can also be damaging the pool as water can seep through the structure of the pool itself and get into the backfill that is stabilizing the sides. Leaks can also cost you water, heat and chemicals, so it’s best to get them fixed right away.

You are swimming away and notice a decrease in the filter pressure. This may mean that the pool’s suction line is clogged. If the water isn’t being properly filtered then it could go cloudy or green on you and no one wants a dirty pool. Alternately, you notice that there is a higher than normal filter pressure. This is usually caused by an algae bloom in the filter or pipes leading to the filter. This is also not a good sign as it makes the filter and pump work a lot harder which can lead to them wearing out sooner.

One day you happen to notice a change in the flow rate of water shooting back into your pool. This may mean you have a dirty filter or a suction side clog. It is easy enough to check your filter and pipes and take out whatever has got in there, but if neither is true, get the pool looked at right away by a professional.

Ultimately for a pool to work at its optimum you need two drains. If your main drain has been closed because of a suspected leak then the water isn’t getting as clean as it should. Pools need both drains to be open and free for water to flow through, no matter what. Getting leaks and other problems fixed when you notice them will not only save you time and money in the long run but it will help your pool last longer, and really, isn’t that the end goal?