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Leak Detection

A leaky pool can be very costly and possibly damage the structure of your pool.

Signs of a Leak in Your Pool

One problem is that some leaks don’t occur drastically and water loss can appear at a slower rate that is hard to notice but capable of doing just as much damage.  Low water levels could damage and ruin your pool’s pumps when running with gaps of air in the system they can overheat and damage the motor, pump and piping surrounding the area which can then cause additional larger leaks. Leaks around the pool itself can cause structural damage such as sink holes under and around the pool and pool deck, cracks in the pool deck and more.

If you suspect, you have a water leak in your pool it’s imperative to have it looked at right away.  We can help to determine the amount of the leak and start to trace where the leak is occurring.

Contact us today if you suspect you have a leak in your pool and our knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you no mater where in Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin or the Sacramento area you are.